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Saturday, 2 July 2016

What is Programming?

Introduction of Programming.

Hi! Dear Ones Today I am going to share my knowledge with you people about Programming, The Word programming means "Logic", Logic means use of your Brain to find a solution of your problems

Some body has very beautiful said "To become a programmer you need ATTITUDE, because without attitude one can become president of USA but without attitude one cannot become a programmer."

The word Programming came from Computer Field, as you know "Computer is an Electronic Machine that has a Brain along with Primary memory, can take input, Can Process this input, can store the input and processing results and can produce output as well".

As the computer is a machine with a brain but it cannot think and decide by itself, it has to program to do any thing, "Computer cannot do anything by its own, every thing is done under 'Programming'".

To Program the Computer One will have to learn "Computer Language", as earlier it was only Machine Language which is not readable by human beings easily, then invented Assembly language, and then people felt comfortable when High Level Languages were developed.

High Level language is a language that resembles the English Language, we Write Programs in this languages as we write Essays in English Language, we make small sentences called Statements, Special software called "Compilers" are used to convert these programs into machine readable form called "Object Program".

Here comes the C Language.

C is a Case Sensitive Language
C is High Level Language
C is Modular Language

C Language gave the idea of Structured programming, in which the Logic of a Full Program is not stored in a single Module but it is divided into small Modules and control these modules from a main module.

Program means set of instructions that tells the computer what to do, and how to do.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
The IDE is a fully functional program that provides every thing needed to write, save, compile and execute any C - Program.

Here is a look of C - Language IDE, This blue screen above is called "Editor" where type the C - Language Programs, then we save them with F2 key, remember one thing C and C++ are two different languages, C++ has more functionality than C, so when saving C File do not forget to save it with extension .C


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