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Saturday, 3 December 2016

C - Development Environment

C - Development Environment

There are some basic Steps you have to keep in mind while working in C - Language Environment,  Remember one more thing i am using TURBOC Compiler for my this blog.

Writing your Programs.

First of all you have to write your program, for this you will have to invoke TurboC IDE Blue Screen by going 

when your IDE loads you will see a blue screen if not so, FILE - NEW, all done.

write your program instructions here and save your file (FILE - SAVE or F2) with the extension .c anywhere in your computer but the best place is c:\tc\bin

Compiling your Program.

After writing the program, time to check either my program has some SYNTAX Errors or not, to do this we have to compile our program by Pressing ALT + F9, it will compile your program, if program has errors or warnings it will show you by popup a message box, and if everything is Ok it will create a new file .obj with the same name as you saved in previous step.

Source Program / Object Program

The Program you save in C Language with F2 is called your source program and the program file created by the compiler is called Object Program.

Linking your Program.

When the object program is created by the compiler, it is not executable, to make your Object program as Executable program you have to LINK some files with your object program this is done with a special process called Linking in C, to Invoke the Linker you can F9, it will add all required files with your object program and will create an Executable File with extension .EXE,

Running the Program.

When All is done so for, Time to Load the program in the Computer memory and let the Operating System to Execute your Program, This you can achieve by using CTRL + F9.



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