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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Hello World in C - Language

So dear ones Time to jump into the wonderland of C-Language, Going to describe you the very First Program in C - Language, that is must to enter otherwise there is no program in C - Language at all.


void main(void)
pritnf("Hello World");

Here is the details about above mentioned program

Header Files
Remember one thing that all functionality of C - Language is stored inside some special Files called Header Files. Header Files have extension .h and are stored in include folder inside TC Folder when you install C Compiler.

Preprocessor Directives

# sign indicates the preprocessor directive, we have two preprocessor directives in C - Lanugage

  • include 
  • define

Include is used to add Header Files functionality in your program, and define is used to define Constants in C - Language

every C Program must start with preprocessor directive statements.

Main Function

Every Language starts its program from somewhere, so is the C Language, C Language Starts its Program from main function, the whole program is controlled from main function

Function Body
{ } Braces define the body of the function

inside the Body of the function we write our statements, 

clrscr() ; 
this statement clears the output screen

this statement writes the text given in double quotes on output screen

this statement is used to pause of output screen, it stays there until user presses any key from keyboard.

Role of Semicolon.
Semicolon is called statement terminator, so every C Language statement must end at Semicolon.



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